Saturday, October 08, 2016

Thornetta Davis Honest Woman (2016)

You hardcore Blues fans punks will argue that this is not a pure Blues album. You're right, it isn't. But I found it so much Blues infused that I couldn't resist including it in this pages. And it is a great recording, whatever your musical allegiances may be. It is a great testimony of all the great black american music we've had the privilege to enjoy for decades. Thornetta's Blues infused Soul is right on the money. Make no mistake, "Honest Woman" could have been released in the sixties and hold it's own against any of the heavy weights of the time, Otis and Aretha included. It's unbelievably refreshing that this wonderful tradition is still alive and kicking. Enough of my self indulgence. Thornetta Davis is a true "Queen of the Blues", and of Gospel, Soul and Rock 'n' Roll. Great musicians on this album too, everything sounds as it should, down to the last detail. And Thornetta's voice is in great shape, powerful, soulful and absolutely in charge. I can't wait to see this woman live with this band.
Thornetta Davis Honest Woman (2016) is an all time great album. You punks don't have any other option but to get it asap. It's a no brains winner!

Dirty Harry

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