Saturday, October 08, 2016

The King Brothers Get Up and Shake It (2016)

Having Freddie King in the family never did any harm to a Bluesman. Having said that, I must admit that these King Brothers speak with their own voice. And that's what's expected of any true Bluesman. In particular when you consider that these days there are a lot of clones in the music business, Blues genre not excluded. There's also not a lot of new stuff in this recording. Not that I think that's an issue. The most important thing in this album, though, is that it sounds free, loose and relaxed, and it sounds original, even if most of the tunes are not. Original is good, punks, and the King Brothers score pretty high in that department. This is an album to sit pretty damn good in any Blues collection. Tight and groovy, funky as can be, it's a great all around Blues recording and the bros are on top of their game. I wonder if they are planning crossing the big pond for some live shows in old Europe. If they sound anything close to this live, their's will be a show you punks can't miss.
The King Brothers Get Up and Shake It (2016) is a fine Blues album. You can hear it, you can dance to it, you must go and get it, punks!

Dirty Harry

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