Sunday, October 30, 2016

Donald Ray Johnson and Gas Blues Band Bluesin' Around (2016)

Lawd have mercy! Aleluia Blues brother Donald and fellow Blues preachers in this outfit. The Blues sure is alive, judging by what they brought us punks recently. I never understood why there are so many people talking about keeping the Blues alive. Is the Blues dying? Damn, no, by all means, and this record is the very living proof of it. This record and thousands of others being released every year. The Blues will never die as long as there musicians who want to keep it alive. So stop winnin' about the Blues and book them musicians on your clubs and festivals. Enough preaching, punks. Donald Ray Johnson is a Blues veteran with an impressive curriculum and this wonderful record just adds to the legend. Backed by a first class European band, Donald presents us with a Blues gem. Great soulful vocals and an excellent overall performance in this record. Top shelf in any Blues collection. You can even let your hair down and dance to it, 'cause it sure sounds funky every now and then.
Donald Ray Johnson and Gas Blues Band Bluesin' Around is a must buy, punks. Don't make me chase you with my '44 Magnun. Run and GO get it right now!

Dirty Harry

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