Saturday, October 08, 2016

Charlie & The Bluescats Without You (2016)

Charlie's got the Blues. I'm sure of that. This is heavy stuff, dense, deep, sometimes unfathomable Blues. It's so blunt you can feel his pain through his vocals and guitar. You all have heard the old cliché about living the life to sing about it, right? That is surely true on most of the old Blues Masters, and Charlie produces that same exact feeling. He knows what he's talking about. He's telling us stories of lost love and bad luck and trouble, and you can feel he's been there. This guy is what the Blues are all about. Plain, deep emotion on every note. Although Charlie's music is and sounds totally original, he was of course influenced in his style, and two guys come to mind immediatly in terms of raw emotion and intensity, Freddie King and Buddy Guy. And a hint of early blues-rock masters, like Robin Trower and Rory Gallagher. Devoided of any fast show-off guitar playing, this is a record for those who prefer deep, intense and big sounding old fashioned guitar riffing and in your face solid vocals. I mean, all of you, punks.
Charlie & The Bluescats Without You (2016) is an amazing record from the old new artist on the block, so welcome the return of the southern boy and go get his record as soon as it comes out, punks! Someone told me it will be released in November, in The Netherlands, and the Cats are touring there that very same month. Check it out!

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