Sunday, October 23, 2016

AJ Plug Chew Chew Chew (2016)

Here's another record which isn't strictly Blues. But you'll agree with me that it is full of great music, won't you punks? Or else... Well, I'm sure you won't need the persuasion of my powerful .44 Magnum to see the light. AJ spreads through a lot of americana stuff, as they call it these days. There's country, classic rock, blues, psychedelia, you name it. From Grace Slick to Sheryl Crow, with a hint of Lucinda Williams in between. This woman means business, punks. Chew Chew Chew sounds hard and tight, with great guitars and excellent musicians. If this sounds the same live, some of you older punks will dig out again your forgotten pills and grass stash. Hell, Jerry Garcia would have loved this girl. AJ is true to her musical roots and has mastered her own personnal approach to those. A great voice for the present and the future. I don't know if AJ is already the Dutch Blues Queen, punks, but one thing is for sure, Tineke Schoemaker has a lot of competition ahead.
AJ Plug's Chew Chew Chew is a wonderful new record with great music in it and you've got to get it right now, punks!

Dirty Harry

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